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Highland Soccer Association

LHSA Missions Statement


LHSA is a not-for-profit organization that stives to create a fun, safe, community environment for boys and girls to play soccer, build character, learn sportsmanship, develop skills and make friends.


Title Name Email
President Dick White Email LHSA President
VP – Operations Tom Fitzharris Email VP-Operations
VP – Referees Matt Taylor Email VP–Referees
VP – Administration Ken Frumin Email VP-Administration
VP – Community Relations OPEN Email VP-Community Relations
Treasurer Pete Reynolds Email Treasurer
Secretary Will Jacobus Email Secretary


Title Name Phone Number Email
Boys 4U Don Terasaki 214-221-0808 Email Boys 4U Commissioner
Boys 5U Don Terasaki 214-221-0808 Email Boys 5U Commissioner
Boys 6U Eric Ruesch 703-615-4879 Email Boys 6U Commissioner
Boys 7U Tom Fitzharris   Email Boys 7U Commissioner
Boys 8U Will Jacobus 214-517-8856 Email Boys 8U Commissioner
Boys 9U Renee Trevino 214-325-9092 Email Boys 9U Commissioner
Boys 10U Anthony Hill  469-951-1578 Email Boys 10U Commissioner
Boys 11U John Brown 214-221-0808 Email Boys 11U Commissioner
Boys 12U John Brown 214-221-0808 Email Boys 12U Commissioner
Boys 13-19U John Brown 214-221-0808 Email Boys 13-19U Commissioner
Girls 4U Don Terasaki 214-221-0808 Email Girls 4U Commissioner
Girls 5U Don Terasaki 214-221-0808 Email Girls 5U Commissioner
Girls 6U Matt Schweers 214-694-3402 Email Girls 6U Commissioner
Girls 7U Tony Desler 650-219-0325 Email Girls 7U Commissioner
Girls 8U Steve Berglund 469-816-3774 Email Girls 8U Commissioner
Girls 9U Kyle Henry 214-235-7748 Email Girls 9U Commissioner
Girls 10U John Brown 214-221-0808 Email Girls 10U Commissioner
Girls 11U Ignacio Barbero 214-369-5883 Email Girls 11U Commissioner
Girls 12U Jim Etri 214-566-6073 Email Girls 12U Commissioner
Girls13-19U John Brown 214-221-0808 Email Girls 13-19U Commissioner
Co-Ed 12U John Brown 214-221-0808 Email Co-Ed 12U Commissioner
Co-Ed 14-19U Will Jacobus 214-517-8856 Email Co-Ed 14-19U Commissioner


Title Name Email
Administrator John Brown
Referee/Field Assignor  Dennis Rindfleisch
Asst. VP – Referees John Gossett
Webmaster John Brown
Director of Concessions Dennis Rindfleisch Email Concessions


For a listing of Interleague Commissioners CLICK HERE




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